Introducing The Plantpower Way

By Julie Piatt on Mar 02, 2015

My deep thanks to all of you who have subscribed to my site, follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  I know Iíve been teasing you with food porn for months!  Thanks for sticking with me. I am proud to say that our family plant -based cookbook is finally here! Iím deeply honored to present to you my very first published work.  A book that I co-wrote with my creative partner and the love of my life, author and Ultra athlete, Rich Roll. A book that we naturally and authentically created through stepping into a plant based lifestyle with some of our favorite people on the planet, our four children. 

Over the past two years, Iíve been down the food rabbit hole a bit so to speak. Iíve been deep in the trenches of testing and perfecting all the recipes for, THE PLANTPOWER WAY, which now, I can finally offer up to you, with my love, and blessings.

While on course to document my findings in the recipes and pages of this beloved book, Iíve been dressed up in dressings, smothered in secret sauces, and literally fairy dusted with gluten free flours. But donít think eating healthy is all about raw food! Only 30% of the recipes are raw as in salads, sauces and blends and 70% are plant based home cooking at itís best! Like an inspired scientist ,my kitchen truly became my laboratory.  Searching for the technique to my define my free creative expression took focus and commitment. Magically, the result is a powerful foundation of food wisdom combined with celebratory presentations of taste, texture and aroma. To be honest, it wasnít easy.  Yet, this extensive experiement resulted in what I think is worth itís weight in tasty, vibrant, and healing foods.

THE PLANTPOWER WAY with the upcoming release date of April 28th 2015, is available for preorder now!  We are so excited to be able to gift you with some amazing products and services that will support you in making the shift.  We have partnered with some dear friends and amazing experts in the plant-based wellness community to offer you  pre-order incentives.  These incentives  add up to $300,000 worth of meaningful  bonus gifts that will enhance your experience into creating, cooking and living, THE PLANTPOWERWAY.  

THE PLANTPOWER WAY is a plant based cookbook and aspirational lifestyle guide that serves as an intimate window into our lives through which we share with you our own very personal journey of self discovery and the very foods, recipes and meals that fueled us there.  Its a labor of love which has resulted in over 120 plant based family recipes that will support you and those you love, on your own journey into greater levels of health and vibrant living.  Every recipe in this book is a creation that has itís origins in my own kitchen and has itís place around our own creative family table.  

Powerfully nutritious, hearty and delicious, these recipes will ignite a shift in your very being.  By cooking and eating plant based, you wonít be missing out on tasting great food or feel deprived of your favorite meals.  Weíve got it all covered!  BLENDS + JUICES, MILKS + CHEESES, SAUCES + DRESSINGS, SOUPS + SALADS, MAINS + SIDES, TREATS + SWEETS!  Plus a wealth of foundational information on sprouting, fermenting, whole foods, shopping list, and equipment.  Whatís more? Musings from Rich and from me on living your best authentic life covered in various lifestyle topics.

THE PLANTPOWER WAY invites you to experience a slice of life inside our family tribe. Join us in living a plant based whole food lifestyle and start enjoying savory, mouth watering, and even decadently delicious plant based meals while simultaneously nurturing your body to vibrate and perform at higher levels than you ever thought possible.  And whatís even more amazing is that by shifting into eating more plants, you will be making lasting change for yourself, your family and for our beloved planet.

Make no mistake about it.  Stepping into THE PLANTPOWER WAY,and eating whole plant based foods will allow your most authentic self to start to peek out from behind the curtain, or slide out from under the covers youíve been hiding under for way too long.  Youíll remember what you loved as a child, what makes your heart sing, why you may have veered off course for a bit, and just how you can get back to living your most authentic life.

How do I know all of this?

I know this because I healed myself of a golf ball sized cyst in my neck which the doctors told me could only be healed via invasive surgery.  By diving into the practices of Ayurveda, meditation, yoga and adopting a plant based diet, I proved them all wrong.  And I gained an incredible education on the power of Food As Medicine and the incredible power of my own spirit in the process.

But my wellness education didnít stop there, shortly after this miraculous healing, I applied this powerful new awareness around food to fuel my ultra man husband Rich Roll to clock top finishes at the Ultraman World Championships and complete a beyond crazy endurance challenge called Epic 5, where he successfully completed five iron mans on five Hawaiian Islands in under a week! How did he manage this metamorphosis from overweight couch potato to feats of athletic excellence?  

By embracing a plant based diet with a focus on high vibrancy nutrition via many varieties of whole foods as close to their natural state as possible and free from processes and toxins.  Eating plant based meals provided his body crucial recovery nutrients that healed inflammation and repaired his system so he could go out and do it all over again the next day. 

All the recipes presented in this book are the result of both Rich and my profound transformational experiences but more importantly, they are also the food that we enjoy daily in our home with our four children, Tyler ,19, Trapper,18, Mathis, 11 and Jaya, 7.  The journey to the ultimate diet and lifestyle isnít black or white and it isnít all or nothing. Each person is unique.  For us, it has been a river of self discovery with different family members at unique points in their own journey at specific times.

Most everyone of us agrees, that we all can benefit from eating more vegetables and fruits; whole plant foods close to their natural state and free from processes. Carnivore, pescatarian, omnivore, vegetarian, or vegan, we welcome you with open arms. Itís as easy as a peach and as simple as a leaf. But this book is not a raw food book. About 40% of the recipes are raw and 60% are home cooking at itís best!

Surely, we sincerely hope that the beautiful food and lifestyle photography will inspire, make your eyes pop and mouth water.  But Beyond The Kale as I like to say, is a world of information about the deeper aspects of food choice like superfood nutrition, sprouting, fermentation, protein, community and planetary contribution, compassion for ourselves and our animals, creativity with food preparation as the ultimate performance art, and a deeper connection both within your family and within your own heart.

Tweet: What nobler pursuit of a human life, then to rediscover your Self. #ThePlantpowerWay Tweet: What nobler pursuit of a human life, then to rediscover your Self. #ThePlantpowerWay

THE PLANTPOWER WAY isnít a diet.  Itís a movement toward living a better life.  Tapping into the truth of who you are is a blessing for you and for everyone around  you.  By making the shift, your actions will directly influence the tides for the health and wellness of us all.  You can make a difference every time you put food on your plate and in your mouth, today, right now. 

Please join with us to be a part of meaningful lasting change on this planet and within your own heart. 

Tweet: Let me feed you. #ThePlantpowerWay </b> </span></p><p class= Tweet: Let me feed you. #ThePlantpowerWay

In love and service,



This week on The Rich Roll Podcast, Rich and I sat down at our kitchen table to have a conversation about the impending release of our joint venture, my origins with food, the journey of becoming a plant based family, this moment on the planet, and our intentions, hopes and vision for the future and this movementÖ Listen in here.

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