By Julie Piatt on Jul 23, 2014

Itís a process, not a destination.

The most powerful vision of balance for me is one of walking the balance beam in gymnastics camp as a small girl.

I had to tap into something beyond the beam to hold me in balance or at least keep me from falling off of it. Even when I was standing still, on that thin slice of hard wood, there were still micro adjustments happening in my body, left pushing against right, legs shifting, knees slightly bending, toes grabbing, arms reaching, and extending. I had to draw energy from 360 degrees simultaneously, yet find a focal point...

But that is only one perspective on balance, which happens to be mine.

For another or in this case, my lover Rich, balance may be perceived more from this lens:

Ah my lover, balanceÖ

that mysterious state of equilibrium, elusive, hiding just beyond my grasp, disappearing in the shadows, and making me feel as if Iíve lost all sanity. What happened, how did I get this far off the radar? Suddenly, it nonchalantly saunters into my life again reappearing as if it was never really lost and was ever patiently awaiting my rediscovery of it as if saying to me, Iíve been right here all along.

The razors edge is characteristic of traversing the path of balance. Because the way is always moving, never static.

What does balance really mean anyway? And for whom and when? What does balance look like in the vast sea of so many different types of people? Balance for one individual may be insanity for another. Itís hard to define balance in a single vision or even two.

Rich and I sat down to explore the subject this week on episode #96 of the RRP and we break it way down, as man and wife, woman and man, single focused and multi tasked who have entirely and completely different ways of meeting this concept and most things in life.

And we discovered once again just how vastly different we are from each other.

On this episode, we tip the scales, and try to find the place where our two universes intersect, a place of commonality where we can hold on to each other or at least hold a space of loving acceptance for a vastly different perspective of our life partner.

I hope you enjoy my guest appearance this week on episode #96 of the RRP. Iím always honored to share the space with my beloved, Rich.

While youíre listening this week, sip some balancing healing tea. Savor this special recipe( my current favorite) that can help deliver you into this expanded yet elusive state of balance. The podcast takes you out with the title track from my new album, JAI HOME, a sweet love song that speaks to the heart of what makes a HOME.

Balancing Healing Tea

Rich and I enjoyed this balancing tea at our vow renewal after party on July 12th. When we arrived we were greeted by our dear friend June with cups of steaming aromatic healing oat straw fresh from her garden. As a symbol of love, she garnished each tea cup with the inter dimensional beauty of the passion flower. Oat straw has been reported to regulate blood sugar, lower cholesterol, and even reduce anxiety. The added bonus? Itís also an aphrodisiac.


Boil the water on the stove. Turn off the flame and pour into your favorite tea pot. Steep the oat straw for a good twenty minutes to get the full balancing effect. Sweeten with raw honey just before serving & garnish with a passion flower. Namaste!

In deep love and service,


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