The Birth of a Family & Community with Tribe!

By Julie Piatt on Aug 22, 2014

ever since I was a little girl
i’ve been waiting, waiting
i’ve been waiting for you

searching in the sunlight on the trees
the bubbling stream
inside my head
am I insane

and though words could never show
still i wanted you know
that your presence
is really something in my life

and time and time again
the path is leading me within
still your smile
it’s like a light along the way that moment, i truly felt
like I was wrapped up and held so sweetly

I am so proud to present my first music video release!

“Held So Sweetly” track #4, off of my debut album entitled “Mother of Mine” is a love song that I wrote for my ultimate gurus; my children.

These intimate images document our sacred moment of a family birth that transformed us into what we felt to be an expanded community. Somehow the magic of this experience changed us. Bonded by the journey of life’s challenges and the simultaneous blossoming of a life, our youngest tribe member Jaya Blue, we were forever transformed. After this experience, we were no longer operating as separate individual personalities but instead as a deeply unified family in community.

I have to admit, that It takes some stretching of my personal boundaries to share what I consider to be one of the most intimate and precious moments of my life in such an open forum for all to see. But when I see the extraordinary images taken by my dear friend and photographer, Stacie Isabella Turk, and hear the lyrics to my song, I feel It to be a worthy experience to expand in. I hope you will join me in that growth.

In our world today, we see women’s bodies in all kinds of objectification and nudity woven throughout our modern culture and daily lives. Why is it then so shocking to share a birth experience, the greatest miracle of life?

Likely because it is truly intimate.

And that intimacy is what I am willing to share. I feel that our family was given a great gift and if by sharing our birthing journey we may inspire or touch another family into bonded community, then it will be worth it.

A far cry from a home birth or one that could be called “natural," we somehow still experienced great beauty in the hospital birthing room under the care of doctors, nurses, and an epidural. While I dreamed of having home water births, this is not what happened in my life.

I strongly support women becoming informed and taking back their power around birthing. But we cannot always choose all of our birth circumstances. I am deeply grateful to my doctor, Scott Serden, who allowed something amazing to happen with all my children present when Jaya was born.

As mothers we should remember that however our child enters our world, be it a totally natural home birth, C-section, or through surrogate or adoption, there is no value difference in the beauty of receiving that life. One can apply a divine perspective to everything about your birth experience and it will fruit deep beauty in your journey in becoming a mother.

It’s incredible to imagine that I have now been a mother for over 19 years! My beautiful sons that you see playing music in this video, awaiting the arrival of their sister, grew up to to be the young men today who back me in my band. I am extremely proud of them. Tyler played guitar, piano, and bass on this track. He also arranged and produced it. Trapper, as always, held us tight with his amazing drumming and percussion.

As our community continues to expand to include so many plant based warriors around the world, I am truly honored to be the featured guest on episode #100! of the Rich Roll Podcast.

With so many extraordinary podcast guests that have shared their amazing hearts on the show, I was humbled by Rich’s request to join him for this milestone episode. He has come so far since that first show we recorded in a large empty rain soaked warehouse on the North Shore of Kauai at Common Ground. On episode #100 we come full circle. Reflecting together on the twists and turns of our journey: giving thanks for just how far we have come in realizing our dreams, and honoring the role we have been given to be of service. Throughout our journey, we have been deeply blessed by the power of our plant power community. We love you all!

Listen to the episode here:

We are completely blown away by the support of the listeners. Thank you! All the love, heart and soul from so many of our world-wide tribe has resulted in the RRP reaching a momentous 3,000,000 downloads this week. This is truly a miracle of community and a powerful sign of so many people joining the plant power tribe, activating more health, more heart, and most importantly more love in their lives.

It’s a revolution!

As when we transform ourselves, we transform everyone around us.

For your courage of heart and the love you send our way,

our deepest thanks and Namaste,

In deep love and service,


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Deep Thanks to Stacie Isabella Turk for her extraordinary images of our family and for gifting us this amazing video. For more information about her photographic and directorial work, go to

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