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By Julie Piatt on Jul 20, 2014

Welcome to the world of SriMati!

Wow what a journey! It has taken me my whole life complete with twists, turns, wrong turns, backtracking and detours in the road, to finally arrive at a place where I could share from a space of authenticity and service. So I offer you a deep bow of gratitude, reverence and humility for meeting me here.

Why food, music and wisdom you may ask? Because in my life experience, all of these areas have played an integral and vital role in my evolution. We can all best serve by sharing our own very personal experiences. The truth is that Iíve played many roles in my life: plant based chef, singer songwriter, healer, mother, designer and artist. And I canít really be adequately defined by any single one of these roles. Thankfully, I have come to a place in my life where I am comfortable embracing my backslashes so to speak. Hopefully, by sharing my experience, I can inspire you to embrace yours too!

On this blog and site, I will share what I hope youíll find to be a compassionate, loving and sometimes humorous voice of guidance around food, song and life wisdom.

Food: because what we put in our bodies is foundational to knowing who we are and to the quality of the life we experience.

Song: because living your authentic heartís song is your gift to yourself and to humanity at large.

Wisdom: because connecting with life, relationships and experiences in the awareness of God, The Force, Yoda, or whatever you like to call IT is the grace that exists for us all in our lives.

Expect to receive some of my amazing plant based whole food recipes that I use to fuel my husband and ultra athlete Rich Roll, plus videos, photos and superfood nutrition information to inspire and enlighten you in the


Also, I will be writing about my inner creative, spiritual and transformational journey of becoming a musician alongside my prolific sons Tyler and Trapper who happen to be in my band! Weíll be sharing some songs and videos from our two musical albums, JAI HOME and MOTHER OF MINE.

Finally, Iíll share life wisdoms that I have gleaned over many, many trials, adventures, and experiences in my life. Some of those passages will speak to my 15 year relationship with my soul mate, Rich Roll, author, plantbased endurance athlete and host of the top ranking health and wellness podcast, THE RICH ROLL PODCAST, while others will share what I have learned from being a mother to four very different ďgurusĒ, my children, over a 19 year period. Permeating it all, Iíll share what I have learned about the power, grace and beauty of living a life of devotion or what is called Upasana in ancient Sanskrit.

Here are some projects that are in the works:

If you want to get a head start on the creativity journey, you can download my music and have a listen. Mother of Mine is the warriorís journey through much loss and the dismantling of the ego. JAI Home is the emergence from that journey, dripping in ashes, sweeter, yet childlike and still deeply raw. Iíll be posting intimate details about the meaning of those songs both personally and cosmically that I hope you will find both inspiring and transforming.

Plant based recipes are available now in our first e-cookbook, JAISEED: food+life+art. If you are new to meditation or want to try out a powerful 30 minute technique (a technique that transformed my life), check out my guided meditation program JAI Release: Jai Freedom Meditation and Being Program. Itís easy to download onto your computer ó engage this guided practice for 30 minutes a day and watch your life change!

I donít take for granted the limited time and energy we all have in this short life. If you would like to connect and share some of these precious moments together then I would be honored.

Sign up for periodic wisdom, heartfelt songs and yes, lots of high vibrating lovely food.

In closing, let me share a line from my song, In the Sun, that speaks of a message from your soul...

You, in the Sun, You are more, so much more than you know.

May the information here on this blog offer you support and guidance so that you may discover deeper and deeper layers of your authentic self...

In deep love and service,


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