My Sacred Moment

By Julie Piatt on Aug 05, 2014

trying to make sense of everything in life

trying to sort it all out in my mind

love is not a problem to be solved

I only cry

used to be approval was my thing

what you think of me

was all that seemed

important in the achievement of the dream

In your blue eyes

my heart ripped open wide

my heart ripped open wide

my heart ripped open wide

I just returned from performing at Catalyst Creativ in Las Vegas last week. It was an amazing gathering hosted by the community design...

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By Julie Piatt on Jul 23, 2014

Itís a process, not a destination.

The most powerful vision of balance for me is one of walking the balance beam in gymnastics camp as a small girl.

I had to tap into something beyond the beam to hold me in balance or at least keep me from falling off of it. Even when I was standing still, on that thin slice of hard wood, there were still micro adjustments happening in my body, left pushing against right, legs shifting, knees slightly bending, toes grabbing, arms reaching, and extending. I...

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Welcome to my World

By Julie Piatt on Jul 20, 2014

Welcome to the world of SriMati!

Wow what a journey! It has taken me my whole life complete with twists, turns, wrong turns, backtracking and detours in the road, to finally arrive at a place where I could share from a space of authenticity and service. So I offer you a deep bow of gratitude, reverence and humility for meeting me here.

Why food, music and wisdom you may ask? Because in my life experience, all of these areas have played an integral and vital role in my evolution. We can all...

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