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I'm A Podcaster!

By Julie Piatt on Jan 25, 2016

It's official!  I'm a podcaster!  My new podcast divine throughline is live on itunes!

 In this podcast, I'm sharing musings about what it means to live a life divine...We are spiritual beings having a human experience and not the other way around...

Each week, I will be exploring life from my own perspective of healer, yogi, singer, chef, wife of Ultraman Rich Roll, and mother to  5 children ages 8-24. I hope by sharing my very personal experiences, I can highlight the opportunities for grace and beauty that are waiting for all of us when we choose a spiritual perspective as the lens for observing what happens in our lives.


In this podcast, I talk about God. Alot.

God, God, God...

But when I say God, I don't mean a man with a wand waiting to judge us in some future heaven.  What I do mean is the source from which we all come.The open space of the present moment that holds all of us in it's love vibration simply for our very existence -also referred to as the force, creation, the universe, the cosmos, the one....  

Remember who you are...

Every human being is created from a divine blueprint.  We only need to recognize it and claim it as our very birthright.  On the show, I hope to share experiences and tools to inspire this rememberance inside your own heart. I'm so happy to be able to share my first episode with you on this sacred winter Solstice- I choose to perceive it as a sign of divine timing.  It is a time of letting go of the old, and welcoming in the new.  The empty space between death and re-birth, The gap. The void. It's a beautiful space between the exhale and the inhale and  if you take a moment to drop in, there are many gifts waiting for your discovery in the divine throughline of your own life.

In this weeks episode we explore the grace a divine perspective in the face of tragedy and suffering.  

On the journey home

Clouds melting gray

Can you see me here?

Gold and pink blush home

and wash away

won't you come in

chocolates steaming

hold me in your arms

and don't let go


Oh Mother

Mother of Mine

Each week, I will be posting two episodes on the same day.  The main episode and a companion episode that is a healing technique to support your transformation.  The image for both episodes will be the same but the healing technique will have a mandala graphic overlay.  Don't forget to subscribe to get all the episodes. 

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If you want to go deeper, then check out my tools for transformation:

The Plantpower Way cookbook + lifestyle guide that I co-authored with my husband and soul mate,Rich Roll.  

My meditation program, Jai Release is a 30 minute guided meditation that will connect you to your 

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And finally my music, "Mother of Mine" and "Jai Home", two albums that I recorded with my sons and band mates, Tyler and Trapper.

Wishing you a transformational 2016 filled with grace and beauty, 

In love and service,

Ma Ananda SriMati

Julie Piatt